Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thank You, RPA

The Raffles Parents' Association was set up as far back as 1978. Rafflesian parents, in my experience, have always been as enthusiastic as, and often times, even more high-spirited than the students themselves. I meet Rafflesian parents on the sports field and halls: at cricket and rugby matches, they are there - armed with gatorade and curry puffs, even donuts, shouting louder than our cheer team. At the bowling, badminton, table tennis, hockey and many of the other sports competitions, they sit, nervously biting their nails when the competition gets stiff, as fidgety as the principal herself.

At school functions and ORA events, they are there - to give their moral and financial support and to show the one-ness of the Rafflesian community as well as some of their individual talents, especially in the culinary area. Last year especially, at the A level examination preparation, we had such an enjoyable ten days - dishing out dinner to students who stayed on in school to study.
The RPA is one strong pillar of RI and in organising outreach programmes and workshops for parents, RPA and all parent helpers are partners in education with us

I am touched by the goodwill, trust and support that my teachers and I receive from each and everyone of the parents. Thanks for journeying with us and thanks for lending your hands and heart to the education of your children and our students.

Lai Cheng
Principal, RI